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Episode 45: Fat Friendly Products for the Bathroom


This week’s episode of the Heavy Conversation podcast takes a closer look at some of our favorite fat friendly products for the bathroom. As we’ve talked about in earlier episodes of the show, most products aren’t made with bigger people in mind. The list below is by no means exhaustive, but covers some of our favorite products right now. Take a look below for everything we cover in the episode.

Shower Wand

Jody mentions that he’s big AND tall and that most shower heads aren’t high enough to cover his head (I believe he says something like “clean from the nipples down – listen to the episode, you’ll see). A good shower wand or hand shower allows you to get those places, both lower and higher, that need more attention. Most shower heads are easy to install and are well worth taking the time to change out. Shop for a new shower wand at Amazon.

Don’t Fear the Bidet

In the episode, I talk about the life-changing experience of getting a bidet. I'm only half-serious. There’s no reason to be afraid of the bidet – it offers a level of cleanliness you’re probably not accustomed to. There are lots of bidets out there, but he recommend the Tushy bidet for its ease of use, variety of colors, low price, and hilarious marketing. Watch the video above for my ass-on bidet review. Prices start at $69 but get 10% off your Tushy Bidet order with code CHUBSTR here.

Duke Cannon Cooling Field Towels
Duke Cannon Cooling Field Towels

Body Wipes

Jody and I both agreed that we’re not fans of the masculinization of product names, but the idea of wipes that don’t smell like bad air freshener is a good thing. Dude wipes, ball wipes, bro wipes – whatever horrible name they have, some of them actually smell pretty decent AND they’re not just for wiping the booty. Most of these wipes are made for use on other parts that might get sweaty or funky, needing attention when you don’t have access to a shower. Take a look the ample body wipe selection at Grooming Lounge.

Photo: Amazon

Shower Back Scrubber

That itch right in the middle of your back that you can’t scratch? It’s the bane of my existence. A good back scrubber can help you take care of that while reaching other parts of your body that might not be easiest to get to. Shop scrubbers of every size and shape here.

Photo: Amazon

Curved Shower Curtain Rod

Jody talked about how a curved shower curtain rod gives you more room in the shower and keeps the curtain itself from sticking to your body, something bigger folks are more apt to deal with. The great thing is that most of them are made to work with your existing setup. Shop curved shower curtain rods at Amazon.

Lume Deodorant

Lume Deodorant

At the end of the episode, I mentioned that I’ve been using Lume deodorant for the past few weeks and I love it. It’s all-natural, available unscented and made for your arm pits and private parts. You can use it anywhere you’re trying to control odor. Lume is clinically proven to last for 72 hours. There’s also a scented version (the scent wasn’t my thing and it goes away quickly), but I highly recommend the unscented option. Learn all about Lume and get some of your own here.

What Are Your Go-To Bathroom Products?

Now you’ve read our list – what bathroom products do YOU swear by? Tell us in the comments or on your favorite social network.

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