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Bear Skn is known for its rugged, outdoorsy vibe that it brings to most of its styles. The Bear Skn Neon Collection is a bright party all wrapped up in a trunk! Why not introduce that new vibe to the great outdoors?

Photographer Bjorn Ryan-Gorman did just that in this Bear Skn lifestyle shoot featuring the Neon Collection! Bjorn shoot model Eric Moore in a park with his serious-looking bicycle; that bicycle looks like it’s made for only a really serious cyclist. Bjorn and Eric use the bicycle as a prop in each shot, bringing continuity and versatility in to each image throughout this photoshoot. The blue paint of the bicycle stands out against the bright green grass and highlights the Bear Skn Neon trunks in the first three images.

The next four images are shot from behind Eric. This gives the viewer an interesting perspective, almost like we’re going on a bicycle ride with Eric. The trees in the background add extra texture and depth to each photo; the different hues of green really bring out the neon in the green Neon trunks. The pavement in the fifth image cuts across the image and slices it in half, and the trees balance out the bicycle and Eric is pushed even further into the foreground of this shot. The last two images show off how the Neon trunks fit on your body and how they look against his skin.

The bright green hues of grass and the trees in this park created a bright, loud, extravagant setting for this photoshoot. Eric as the subject rides around this bright, loud place on a nice bicycle because he wants to be surrounded by beauty, just like he surrounds his body with the beauty of Bear Skn’s Neon trunks; that’s the story.

What activities do you plan on doing in your Bear Skn Neon styles? How do you like the Bear Skn Neon Collection? How often do you wear neon underwear styles? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @Bear_Skn




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