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BTS with Duane B.


Bear Skn’s Duane Bluhm tells us a little bit about himself while on his first Bear Skn shoot. Bear Skn is known for their designs that cater to larger men who still want a gorgeous and supportive underwear selection – just like everyone else. The photoshoot took place in a kitchen, were he was preparing a delicious meal in his standard issue briefs ($20).

Bear Skn was designed with the bigger guy in mind. The various styles are available in sizes up to 6XL. The seams were removed from between the legs to help prevent chaffing and a mesh material was put in its place for extra breathability.

If you purchase a pair of underwear from their site before the end of April, they will donate $2 to the Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation.

Check out this exclusive Q & A with the handsome chef, Duane Bluhm:

How long have you been modeling for Bear Skn?

1) This was my first photo shoot for them. Felt very comfortable, and I hope to do another one for them.

What are your favorite aspects of the Bear Skn brand?

2) The brand is simple and uncomplicated. They are underwear for bigger men and with fits for bears of all sizes. I normally don’t like wearing briefs, but these ones are so comfortable.

Tell us more about your experience working with Bear Skn.

3) I had a really great experience working with Bear Skn on this shoot. They made me feel comfortable, and I had a lot of fun.

What is a smell you absolutely love?

4) The smell of caramelized onions is something I live for when I go to work. It’s worth all the crying, cutting them for [the smell].

Guilty Pleasure: What is your favorite Reality TV or Competition Show?

5) I was gonna say Glee, but it doesn’t fit into either category, so probably SYTYCD or Chopped.

Best part about living in Minneapolis.

6) Minneapolis is a very compacted city, and with the suburbs close by, there is plenty to do and see just a walk or short drive away. During the summer, I walk everywhere. Seems like a shame to drive or bus.

What is your least favorite food to cook/make?

7) Any breakfast egg dish that isn’t scrambled eggs. I get frustrated easily…over-easy or an omelet will most likely turn into scrambled eggs.

When did you become so confident in your own skin?

8) For most of my life, I have always been the fat kid. Growing up, I was active buy could never shed the lbs. Coaches, teachers, family members, [they] did nothing for boosting my self-esteem. It wasn’t until I came out at the age of 21, and shortly after discovering the Bear Community, did I realize that I was perfect just the way I am. For once in my life, I felt sexy to someone. Currently, I have a wonderful man in my life who wastes no opportunity to tell me how sexy I am and how happy he is to have me in his life. I became so confident in my own skin when I finally started living my life for me and filling it with good things. I genuinely can say that I’m happy with my life right now, and I think that shows through.

What do you think about Bear Skn’s Duane Bluhm’s interview with us? What are you thoughts on Bear Skn? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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