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86 Cartons of Underwear!


So today we went and inspected the 86 cartons of Bear Skn underwear that we received at the wear house/ fulfillment center that we are working with. It all finally felt real somehow. A years worth of work finally coming to fruition as we looked at the 4 pallets full of something that we created. 

It almost seemed unreal that the two of us had come so far in 2014. With just an idea we are now shipping a final product to over 1,000 customers. Now we can't wait to see what everyone thinks. Scary yes but like everything else we have worked through we will make it through this. 

Big things are planned for 2015 with us traveling across the U.S. to numerous events, doing fashion shows, being part of underwear auctions for numerous causes all with new styles already in the works. We look forward to meeting many of you on this next journey. We want to hear from you! 


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