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Music Monday 7/21


The Coathangers “Merry Go Round”

First up this week, we have a charming little garage-punk band from Atlanta with a disturbing little video.  I do not like clowns—or whatever you want to call that guy.  But I heard The Coathangers on my local college radio station and fell in love.  The singer reminds me of Kathleen Hanna of Le Tigre and Bikini Kill fame.  The video even has a mid-90s grunge, DIY feel.  If you dig this song, I also highly recommend the track “Drive” which closes out their latest album, Suck My Shirt.

Vacationer “The Wild Life” 

This is definitively a summer song and a summer band.  This song makes me want to quit my day job and go be a beach bum in South America.  But I like my things too much.  What can I say?  I’m a material bear in a material world.  It sounds a little like Vampire Weekend without the douchey Ivy League lyrics. 

Big Data “Dangerous (feat. Joywave)

So I don’t really know where Big Data came from, but this song is catchy as hell.  Also, they are very internet savvy.   Their mission statement is all about exploring the growing relationship between man and machine.  They launched a site called “Facehawk” that takes information from your facebook profile and creates a video to this song.  It’s very fun.  Seriously, do it.

The Presets “No Fun”

The Aussie duo of Julian Hamilton and Kim Moyes have been rocking my world since I first heard “Girl and the Sea” back in 2004.  Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard many of their songs at the club, “Are You the One,” “My People” or “This Boy’s in Love.”  Their last album, Pacifica really expanded their sound, especially on tracks like “Ghosts,” which sounded like an old work song set over synthesizers, and adventurous ravers like “Youth in Trouble.”  “No Fun” is the second in a series of non-album singles that they’ve released this year. 

Glass Animals “Gooey”

Glass Animals are a British Indie-Electro group with an R & B-tinged sound, especially on tracks like this one.  SPOILER:  Two dudes wrestle in singlets.  It gets sexy for a moment, and then… well, it gets “Gooey.”

Jungle “Time”

Jungle is a funky British duo that is also very new to me.  I stumbled upon this video while getting lost in the YouTube rabbit-hole I usually find myself in when compiling this blog.  These two old gents might not be Christopher Walken good, but their funky senior dance-off is highly entertaining, none-the-less. 

Jessie Ware “Tough Love”

You may remember Jessie Ware from her big ballad that hit America in early 2013, “Wildest Moments.”  She has a smooth, subtle vocal delivery, but she is a powerhouse and can really wail when she wants to.   “Tough Love” is the first single and title track from upcoming second album.  I couldn’t be more excited. 

Chet Faker “1998”

Yes, I featured Chet Faker on this blog not long ago, but I had to give you another taste.  This track just hits me in all the right places.  I love the animated video.  I’m happy that Chet’s music is getting some attention from alternative radio stations.  And I really like his beard.  =)

Alice Russell “I Loved You (acoustic)”

Just listen to that voice.  Alice Russell released her best album ever last year, To Dust.  Alice’s sound has changed over the years, bouncing from lounge/chill music, to latin, to Motown.  But the production and songs have never been better than on “To Dust.”  I chose this video because “I Loved You” is my favorite track from the album.  If you like it, go watch the playful “Heartbreaker” video starring Harry Shearer:

Paloma Faith “Only Love Can Hurt Like This”

I didn’t know how else I could follow up the incredible Alice Russell, but with another British diva.  Paloma Faith has been struggling to crack the American market for several years now.  I first heard her on her very strong collaboration with Basement Jaxx on “What’s a Girl Gotta Do” from their album Scars.  I went out and bought her debut, Do You Want the Truth Or Something Beautiful? Almost immediately.  Her unique voice and Amy Winehouse-like sound just haven’t quite won her an audience here yet.  But this is the new single off of her third album, and it’s a helluva third try. 

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