10 Plus Size Guys to Follow in 2018

January 09, 2018

10 Plus Size Guys to Follow in 2018

We are excited to share our list of Plus Size Guys to follow in 2018. A couple of them we even got to work with in 2017. 


1. Tony Dela Rocha   PHX - AZ based Men's Plus Size Fashion & Lifestyle 


2. Tim     Beard + Bear + Gay + Boyfriend + iPhone + Photography


3.  Ady Del Valle   Style influencer/Brand Ambassador •Freelance ➕Model •Body➕ 


4. Jarvis Perry 


5.  Tony Carrillo    Nothing of me is original. I am the combined effort of everybody I have ever known.


6.  Kirklan H   Blogger/ Brand Ambassador 👕Plus Size Style Curator 🎤Podcaster


7.  Bear Maysin    Im just you average Canadian boy living life to the fullest.


8. Troy Solomon   ‪Self-loving 🦄 in a 🐻's body.‬ ‪🦖obsessed, body➕, style enthusiast 



9. Giovanni Santiago   Follow my journey on getting bigger and beefier with side of fries.



10. Robert Sanchez   In Long Beach, part time gogo dancer full time drunk. If I’m home I’m not wearing a shirt. Find me and say hi. I'm a lot nicer and fatter in person.

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